Pokein Cube Edition

Pokein Cube Edition

Next era of message delivery has just begun! Nubisa Inc. presents the most easy to implement cluster ready / cross server method invoking solution
  • Configuration free load balancer support
    • Automatic network location detection
    • Built-in target server correction
  • Automated cross server message sharing
    • No special coding or design required!

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WebSockets Support!

WebSockets Support!

Are you looking for a painless comet ajax library that also provides WebSocket feature?
  • Automatically activates itself on WebSocket supported browsers
  • Supports Hybi00, Hybi10, Hybi17 and RFC6455
  • Compatible to .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5
PokeIn doesn't require any special version of any software in order to provide WebSockets feature
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PokeIn v2.292! is ready for action!
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Getting Started

To get started, simply download the latest version of PokeIn from our Downloads page. Our FREE edition now comes bundled with a number of sample projects.

New user? Great! To get started with PokeIn, simply head over to the basic tutorial where we'll teach you the ropes. More experienced users are free to jump straight into the advanced tutorial.

PokeIn is a Reverse AJAX & WebSocket library, which makes it easy to call both JavaScript functions from C#/VB.NET and C#/VB.NET functions from the browsers or DesktopClients. It offers you the most enhanced JSON functionality in order to make your server-side objects available client-side. It comes loaded with an arsenal of powerful features - including built-in support for WebSocket servers, event ordering, resource management, exception handling, marshaling, AJAX upload control, mono compatibility, scalable server push, Base64 encoded messages, and much more!

PokeIn has its own thread and resource management pools, ensuring that the state of the client-object's worker thread is preserved each time it receives a call, whether internal or external. 

If you've looked through the samples and still have any questions, simply let us know and we'll do our best to provide a sample fitted to your needs. Visit our Discussions forum to send any sample requests.

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