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What is PokeIn?
PokeIn is a Reverse AJAX and WebSocket library (includes its own WebSocket server). It comes equipped with support for Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Secure Message Delivery (SMD). For an extensive list of PokeIn's features, check here.

Do you have Mono support?

PokeIn works supports both Mono and .NET Frameworks.

How about Security?
PokeIn supports under almost all well-known security solutions. Additionally, it supports unique Base64 message transfers, message ownership checking, and clone message protection.

Who is behind the product?
PokeIn is a product of Nubisa Inc.

I couldn't find your phone number?
Try to ask your questions over at the Discussions forum or simply fill out this form. If it's necessary, then we'll call you!

Supported server software?
As long as the target server supports Mono or ASP.NET, there are no limitations. 
PokeIn has been tested on IIS (versions 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, and 8.0), Apache 2.2+ and NGIX 0.85+.

Does PokeIn support connections from non-browser applications?
Certainly! PokeIn's DesktopClient feature helps you create any type of PokeIn client without a browser. Download the latest FREE edition package to see how it works!

How many users can be connected?
Since PokeIn v2.01+ supports clustering, there is no known limit for the number of concurrent users. If you are curious, feel free to check out this video of an early test of the system in action (over 10,000 concurrent connections on a Core2 Duo server!).  Since some configuration may be required for PokeIn to run smoothly on IIS servers, we have also developed the IIS Tuner Tool to help our customers eliminate the most common IIS limitations. The IIS Tuner Tool is available for free over at CodePlex!

How about multiple server support?
PokeIn helps you easily scale your web applications onto multiple servers without any additional licensing costs or server-side coding! The PokeIn Cube edition provides built-in server-to-server information sharing.

Does PokeIn require Server 8 or any other third-party software in order to access the WebSocket feature?
Nope! PokeIn has its own WebSocket server, which works on all of the aforementioned platforms (IIS 6, 7, 7.5, 8, Apache, NGIX).

Which approach does PokeIn use?
In addition to its own built-in WebSocket server, PokeIn employs a "hybrid" long polling technique - but we've given it some added intelligence! On our side, "hybrid" long polling means:
  • PokeIn provides a unique event-ordering technology; using this technology, you can create every type of AJAX-based application without the hassle of constant ordering problems.
  • PokeIn guarantees that the client-object and the server thread are always matched.
  • PokeIn watches the pressure on the application and automatically alters any client connection renewal rates to boost your server-side resource efficiency.
  • PokeIn supports static resource management that solves many performance issues with applications.
  • Knowing the state of the client is important, yet most server push solutions on the market don't provide connection state information! Implementing the feature can be a huge hassle, especially for companies that are tight on resources. PokeIn-powered web applications have built-in features to monitor client states to keep your web applications running as efficiently as possible.
  • PokeIn checks your user's browser for 'proper' WebSocket support and utilizes it whenever it's available.
  • PokeIn allows you to call the methods from both sides instead of transferring basic text messages.

What can I do with a single Gold, OEM or CUBE license of PokeIn?

Your license may be used on multiple machines and domains without restrictions and you are free to sell your applications. The only limitation is the title of your application: each PokeIn Gold license only allows one application title. The OEM license has no limit for application titles.

Who uses PokeIn?
More than 6000 enterprise/individuals use PokeIn for their solutions. We don't share the name of our customers or their products in order to keep our solution transparent to their customers.
(Figures as of January 15, 2013)

More Questions?
Please visit our Discussions forum with any further questions!

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