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In this tutorial, you will learn how to (1) implement PokeIn with your application and (2) easily create a new web application with PokeIn!

Start by opening up Visual Studio or Mono Develop and creating a new ASP.NET web application. You'll also need to download the PokeIn sample project (a download link to the zipped copy can be found at the bottom of this page).

NOTE: This document is only a quick start sample for curious developers who aren't familiar with PokeIn. If you've used PokeIn in the past and need a guide that demonstrates PokeIn's more advanced functionalities, you should skip this section and continue with the advanced tutorial

Make sure your Default.aspx looks like the below one.

Lets create Handler.aspx and prepare the server-side code.

It's time to add PokeIn library to our project!

Clean up your Handler.aspx HTML side, as shown:

Put Handler method into Handler.aspx.cs, as shown :

Define the "MyClass" class and connection events for PokeIn :

Done! Now, you can run the application and click to the button.  To download the sample project, click here. Additionally, there are many sample projects bundled with the PokeIn FREE Edition. Just create a new account and download it here!

PokeIn Team

PokeIn Features  

PokeIn ASP.NET WebSocket & Reverse AJAX Library .NET 2+, Mono 2.4+ Compatible!
  • Reverse AJAX & Server Push
  • Hybi00, Hybi10, Hybi17 RFC 6455 WebSocket Server
  • Intelligent Fail Recovery
  • Desktop Client Support
  • Java Client (Linux, OSX, Android, Embedded)
  • Objective-C Client ( IOS, OSX )
  • Secured Message Encoding (both sides)
  • Clone Message Attack Protection
  • Content Resource Manager / Delivery
  • ASP.NET MVC Compatible
  • Mono Runtime Support
  • Session Cloning Detection
  • Thread Safe Object Managers
  • Client Disconnection Detection
  • Apache 2.2+, Nginx, IIS 5+Compatible
  • Sleep Mode and Cross Domain Listeners
  • Automated Object Level Joint Capabilities
  • Silverlight Support
  • Dynamic Connection Management
  • Complete .NET to JSON Serialization
  • Subscribe / Leave Channels
  • Event / Message Ordering
  • Multiple Server Support
  • Load Balancer Support
  • Multi Core Management
  • Azure, EC2 etc. Compatible
  • Lightweight and cross-browser (150+ browser versions)
    (IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IOS, Android, ....)
  • WCF & .NET Remoting Support
  • Unlimited Concurrent Connections (Cluster Support)

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